A Technical Council of The California Resource Recovery Association

CRRA’s Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Technical Council is composed of household hazardous waste professionals who are responsible to safely and cost effectively manage HHW. The HHW Technical Council (HHW TC) provides a forum for discussion and sharing of information about universal and hazardous waste management.   Participation in the HHW TC is open to both CRRA members and non-members.  To learn more about CRRA and the benefits of membership, click the button below.

Recap of Topic Lunch at the CRRA Conference

2018 HHW TC Topic Lunch Flyer

The HHW Technical Council convened on Friday, July 27th for our annual technical council member meeting. The group of twenty-three heard from the guys at Smarter Sorting on how their technology is helping reuse HHW and reduce the amount incinerated. We also heard from Heidi at CPSC on the latest SB 212 developments (statewide pharm and sharps bill).


Previous Events

April 2018 Training Events

CRRA’s HHW Technical Council & North American Hazardous Materials Management Association’s CA Chapter co-hosted two training events this past April in San Rafael and Glendale. The morning portion was a training session, Chemistry for Non-Chemists and ID of Unknowns followed by an afternoon speaker session. Speakers covered the topics of disaster debris and disaster public outreach, cannabis waste, Extended Producer Responsibility, e-cigarettes, vape pens, lithium batteries, household batteries, and gas cylinders. We are considering hosting another training event in the Fall, please contact us if you would like to request specific topics.


HHW Hot Topics Informational Webinar Recording
This webinar reviewed the current status of pharmaceutical and sharps stewardship legislation and local ordinances and provide an update from stakeholders on refillable one-pound cylinders and the ReFuel Your Fun campaign.

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Sharps Webinar
October 8  10:00 to 11:30 AM PST

This webinar will review the issue of needles in the waste industry, how we are managing them and preventing needle sticks, and policies used to expand proper containment and disposal.

Mark K Lunch N Learn

HHW Topic Lunch
August 5  12:15 – 2pm
, CRRA Conference

Special thanks to guest speaker Mark Kurshner who came from Canada to share Canadian Extended Producer Responsibility successes.

Informational Webinar About New Refillable One-Pound Gas Cylinders
Thursday May 7, 2015
10 – 11:30 AM PST

This webinar will provide information on the disposal issues with one-pound gas cylinders, review the new refillable one-pound gas cylinder products including where they can be purchased, exchanged, or refilled and how to promote their use to save resources.